Up until now, Switchable Glass could be only used indoors, under climate control.
privee-xTM is the first Switchable Glass, specially designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to patented heat / UV stabilization technology, and broader operating temperature range.
Being a Next Gen Electrochromic Glass, privee-xTM has superb optical properties, better withstands temperature changes, and consumes minimum energy.


The crux of the technology is in the liquid crystals dispersed within the formulated polymer matrix.
When a flow of electricity enters the polymer matrix, the liquid crystals become aligned parallel to each other, enabling the transparency. Once the flow of electricity stops, the crystals return to their original state -randomly oriented- making the glass appear opaque.
privee-xTM  is the only Switchable Glass that can be safely used as external-facing glass, rendering it the perfect solution for creating Media Facades, turning entire buildings into HD Media Displays, while still preserving your option for outside views.
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