Onyx Solar’s BIPV solutions combine uniquely both active and passive properties. They produce in situ clean, free energy thanks to solar power and at the same time allow for the entry of natural light, provide both thermal and acoustic insulation and filter out all harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation, increasing significantly internal comfort.
Having reached what we like to call ‘’Materials Parity’’, Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic solutions are now available at the same price range than conventional construction materials. Therefore, it’s becoming more than obvious that the implementation of our BIPV technology is beneficial both environmentally and financially.
Economic sustainability through green, energy efficient buildings is becoming core to business practice on corporate strategies. Proved beyond a doubt to be embedded in customer expectations, it improves company’s reputation, drives sales and makes a company more competitive in their market. Fitting premises with photovoltaic cells has been shown as one of the most powerful measures to achieve it. Taking also into account the pure financial benefits from saving energy, reduced operational costs and increased value of the building, one can easily ascertain the increased return of his investment (ROI).
Nowadays sustainability, energy efficiency, ecological footprint reduction, protection of the planet, through eco-friendly photovoltaic architectural structures, lies at the core of every company’s business ethics agenda and corporate social responsibility program.