Photovoltaic Glass

GREENSTRUCT obtained Onyx Solar’s exclusive distribution rights within Greece and Cyprus for a series of worldwide innovative photovoltaic building materials and constructive solutions (panes, floor, etc ), all of which can be integrated perfectly into both pre-existing and future architectural structures, turning them into a complete, multifunctional, high-performing, solar-energy power plant, throughout their entire life span.
We are offering a wide range of materials and services tailored to any of our clients needs, from standard photovoltaic glass configurations, to 100% customized glasses or turnkey projects.
Standard pv glass includes sizes adapted to construction standards, with no limits in colour or transparency, fully integrable and combinable with any other construction material.
Even if you are working on unique projects requiring a non-standard photovoltaic glass with special features, GREENSTRUCT can provide you with a 100 % customized glass, with infinite configuration options based on glass type, size, photovoltaic technology, transparency degree and colour, to make sure we meet your project requirements.
Our proven experience in Building Integrated Photovoltaics enables us to be the most reliable partner in all stages of a turnkey project: Design, custom glass manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineering, installation, performance monitoring and management.