PV Curtain Wall


Nowadays architecture and photovoltaic solar energy can be combined to create a new form of construction.

Curtain walls offer architects a multitude of possibilities for the integration of photovoltaic solar energy into buildings in an efficient and ecological manner.

Photovoltaic curtain wall provides a multifunctional solution where not only clean and free energy is being generated in-situ, but also natural illumination is being provided implementing solar control by filtering effect, avoiding infrared and UV irradiation to the interior (enhancing thermal comfort and avoiding interior aging).

The large variety in form, structure and colour of transparent photovoltaic glass, combined with the aluminum frames, provides a free reign of creativity for architects so they can create designs which unite elegance, efficiency and energy saving.

Onyx Solar can customize the photovoltaic glass to supply it in different sizes, colours and degrees of transparency. These characteristics mean that it is the ideal material for installation as a photovoltaic curtain wall.