Architects and designers have long realised that modern facilities and implementation of all the latest technologies plays a major role in setting yourself apart from competition. The WOW FACTOR creates a strong emotional response, surprising and delighting your clients or guests, presenting them with visual cues able to stimulate associative memories.

priveeTM provides a multifunctional solution to a complex problem, how to keep the world out - but let the natural light in.

By switching between clear and opaque, it gives users unprecedented control over the amount of light and heat entering the room, dramatically transforming the way they interact with their surroundings .

The crux of the technology is in the liquid crystals dispersed within a formulated polymer matrix.
When a flow of electricity enters the polymer matrix, the liquid crystals become aligned parallel to each other, enabling transparency. Once the flow of electricity stops, the crystals return to their original state -randomly oriented- making the glass appear opaque.
In clear mode, priveeTM allows the light to travel throughout the space, adding an edge of modernity, and maintaining the sleek lines.
Switching to opaque, it offers the necessary privacy for confidential meetings, while at the same time increases the versatility of the space, allowing any glass partition to be used also as a whiteboard or projection screen, for presentations, digital note taking etc.
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